I've been accepted into the Cisco Global Cyber Ops Scholarship program!

I planned to get Linux Essentials this year as my last certification, but a new opportunity has presented itself. I originally planned to start studying for Cisco certifications next year (maybe), but a while back heard about the Cisco Global Cybersecurity Scholarship program. Basically Cisco decided that they will offer free training and a free chance to take their new CCNA Cyber Ops certification. wasn't sure if it was real, but I decided a few months back to apply anyway. In November, I received an email from them. They said that I've been selected to participate in this program as long as I completed all 3 steps of their application process I'm not sure haw much detail I can go into, but part of the application process was a pre-qualification exam and I had other information to fill out... luckily was about to pass everything and I was selected.

I've never had an opportunity like that before. Most of the IT certifications I have I paid out of pocket, so to be given free training and having them pay for me to get certified is a huge opportunity and I'm really grateful for it I will have 4 months to pass 2 exams before I am CCNA Cyber Ops certified.

It officially won't begin until late December, so I'm going to use the time I have in between now and then to focus an learning and practicing different security tools and working with virtual networks.

Far anyone who's interested in the Scholarship program, the website https://mkto.cisco.com/Security-Scholarship.html is don't know haw long they will be doing this for, but if you're interested in a career in IT Security like am then this is something I'd highly recommend you look into.

--5/2018 update--

I finished the program and I am now CCNA CyberOps certified! HUGE thanks to Cisco for accepting me into the scholorship program!