CompTIA's "stackable" certifications

CompTIA has introduced something called "Stackable" certifications. I didn't know anything about it until they emailed me. Basically, they take the existing certifications you have and based on which ones you have (that are active) they will make you "officially recognized" something else.

There's two paths. One focuses on Infrastructure and the other focuses on Cybersecurity. You don't get them like you could the normal CompTIA Certifications. You only get them by already having a certain combination of other CompTIA certifications. It's a little weird to explain, but since I have A+, Network+ and Security+, I'm now also CSIS (CompTIA Secure Infrastructure Specialist) and CIOS (CompTIA IT Operations) Certified. Since this was JUST released, I'm not sure if adding these to my resume will make a difference in getting an IT Security position, but I guess it can't hurt right?